Ghost Recon: Future Soldier ditches DRM

With the announcement of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for the PC, it came with the announcement they are going to release it without the always online DRM.

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Laxman2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Strange, considering the reason they originaly gave as to why they wouldnt be making it. Glad to see more gamers will now get to enjoy this, I just hope they purchase it instead of taking advantage of Ubisofts' good faith.

MAJ0R2378d ago

It doesn't matter to pirates whether or not the DRM would have been included, and they have no advantage either way because it will be cracked either way.

All DRM does is make developers and publishers *think their game is protected, when in reality it's not.

PrisonedBeast2378d ago

I dont think so. I think DRM is there to make the game more convenient to buy legit then pirate but the problem is that is is having the opposite effect and making people who don't pirate just not want to buy the game.

2378d ago
badz1492378d ago

it feels almost like when on some random day suddenly EA says they will ditch Online Pass!

badz1492378d ago

that's just how unbelievable I think this news is lol!

2378d ago
KeiserSosay47882378d ago

HEY! There's one step in the right direction Ubisoft!

Huarle2378d ago

lol @ "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier ditches DRM"
It should read "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier ditches always-on DRM" since it still has a form of DRM included.