Space Quest Creators Reunite and Promise a New "Spaceventure"

Kotaku: "Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, creators of the Space Quest series of adventure games by Sierra Online, today announced they were gettin' the band back together, under the (Two) "Guys from Andromeda" nickname they coined for themselves so long ago."

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karlowma2381d ago

Well this is something great to wake up to on a Sunday morning! I grew up playing Sierra adventure games. Space Quest, Police Quest, Hero's Quest (Quest for Glory), King's Quest... these are the titles that made me a gamer. Can't wait to see more!

T-What2381d ago

I agree this is awesome news, I have always loved Point and click adventures and Space Quest was my favorite Sierra game, I'm very happy:)

karlowma2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

The originals were parser-interface (arrow keys) and command line!

> look
> look closet
> get broom

I think the first mouse-driven Sierra adventure game was Space Quest IV, but I could be mistaken. They did re-release a lot of the collection with mouse control in the VGA updates though.

glennco2381d ago

i prefered the parser interface. there were some funny responses when you typed something wrong. point'n'click seemed to make the games easier, too easy most times