Star Wars Kinect - Angry Joe Review

Perhaps further proof that Kinect detection needs improvement, the much hyped Star Wars Kinect has trouble reading essential basic movements to the core experience, lightsaber play. You certainly won’t feel like you’re a Jedi. So without a fun basic core premise, can the rest of the Star Wars themed mini-games live up to the license? Psst. The Answer is No.

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coolbeans2376d ago

The rancor section was funny.

Biggest2375d ago

The guy in the green shirt is KILLING IT!!! GET 'EM RANCOR! GET 'EM!

ZILLA2376d ago

from the start.if its not a dance game it wont work at all...EPIC FAIL.

giovonni2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

that was funny. I like this dude, and he is right. However studios have to really understand that kinect shouldn't be used this way. Games such as Rise of nightmares, and Mass effect has used it the right way it should be voice activated for jedi spells and mini game puzzles now the story... that has nothing to do with the kinect that's the studio's actions.

Smashbro292376d ago

Even the biggest hack in gaming journalism can see this game sucks. That's something.

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