Rumor: Ada Wong has a clone in Resident Evil 6

Say hello to Carla Ramare. Looks like the game borrows a clone idea from Resident Evil movies.

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zielocz3k2404d ago

I hate clone idea. It's cheap and unoriginal. Some theories:

Ada Wong's blood was used to create this clone. This Clone escapes and someone had contact with Albert Wesker or Alex Wesker thus she knows who Albert was. This Clone wants revenge and wants to take over the world with HER CHILDREN thus meaning SHE IS 'MOTHER' anyone who has been keeping up with NO HOPE LEFT.

Ada is called into action when she discovers what has transpired and the other reason the Clone wants Jake's blood is maybe, just maybe, because she wants to bring back Albert Wesker. [[giveup]]

HOWEVER...the test subjects name is Carla so heres ANOTHER THEORY.

Remember the Ada Wong Epilogue from RE3. "I'm not Ada Wong anymore." and how she survived the attack by the Tyrant and G.


The Video Leon watches is from 1998. The C-Virus was created then. The thing that came out the Pod IS actually CARLA'S CLONE but she called herself Ada. The Ada we knew has been a BOW the whole time.

Perhaps the SECRET BEHIND THE RACCOON CITY INCIDENT is that these BOWs are clones of people and they have grown a mind of their own and taken over the government and thus have been controlling everything from behind the scenes?

adorie2404d ago

After seeing RE6 in action, I think it caused me to take a step back and reexamine their current business model and another look at their past and soundly compare it to their present.

In conclusion, I am debating on if I will or will not buy any more of their games. Many of their current generation games, if compared to Irrational games efforts pale. I remember when it was about quality, not quantity and said comparison, above, is just one example.

Capcom may still get those sales that they are after, but with the expense of further diluting the storyline. With that said, I enjoyed Resident Evil 4 immensely, even if it did deviate from the first 3. It did keep many core elements in place and improved upon them. However, the survival horror was dumbed down, yet improved. RE4 is something special and comes with more pros than cons.

RE5 was the last Capcom game I've purchased and as for RE6, I'll rent it. Because I don't like to be closed minded, especially if I haven't even played the game. If it is good, I may just buy it.

Nimblest-Assassin2404d ago

Clone ideas suck... The force unleashed 2 speaks numbers about this. Gone was the incredible story of the first, replaced with a whinny clone of starkiller obsessed with finding Juno, and almost 1/2 of his dialogue was screaming her name. Please, no more clones. The force unleashed 2 was my greatest gaming disappointment of this gen.

kent800820072404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

What about MGS and FF7? They both have clones in them, why are they being treated differently? The fact is clones are not the problem, it's how they tell the story that matters, so we can all just shut up about clones being unoriginal now before the game actually comes out, after that you're free to judge.

Oh I forgot this clone thing is just a RUMOUR

VanillaBear2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

"Looks like the game borrows a clone idea from Resident Evil movies"

May I just say if this IS true then....REALLY CAPCOM......oh Paul W.S Anderson must of had the biggest smirk on his face when he heard about this.

It does make me a little happy though....seeing Ada killing Chris's men in the trailer didn't seem like something Ada would do at all. She was never the villain, she was just working for the wrong side, following orders but even when it came to kill Leon she couldn't.

<IDEA>.....remember at the end of RE4 when Ada switched the Master Plagas sample, betraying Wesker, she said...

"Wesker isn't stupid, tough times lay in wait"

What about if Wesker found her, took the Plagas sample making it the reason he had it in RE5, kept her captive and used her for experiments....cloning her. That could be the twist in the game, that the real Ada will break free and help Leon/Chris kill her clone. Plus if Capcom do what they did in RE4 then this could link into her side story, seperate ways, basicaly how she broke free and what happened to her in between the end of RE4 to the events in RE6

You have to admit though....even though it's Adas voice from RE4, it dosen't look like her much, I mean the way she dresses, not looks wise. The hair, her clothing and the earings isn't something we've seen Ada go for in the past unlike someone like Leon who always keeps his long fringe hair cut and leather jacket.

-Ninja-2404d ago

Pfft, i say. Pfft.

ThatEnglishDude2404d ago

Clones are a very poor and cheap excuse to reuse old characters because they're too lazy to think of something new.

Lucretia2404d ago

im sick of these articles that just blurt out spoilers like Weskers son etc, it needs to stop

DrPepper2404d ago

spoilers? its in the trailer how is it a spoiler

Lucretia2404d ago

thats the thing lol. it doesnt mention ada having a clone in the trailer -_-. and what if your one of those people who dont wanna see the trailer so they can avoid spoilers? well you would be spoiled anyway because of the articles.

i've seen the trailer, but im just saying

wicko2404d ago

Just because it's in a trailer doesn't mean it isn't a spoiler - some people avoid trailers completely for this reason.

chanmasta2404d ago

Not everyone watches trailers dumbass, for the exact reason that there are spoilers. It's the same with movie trailers. Or didn't you know that other people CAN have different opinions than you?

DrPepper2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

@chanmasta. if its made public its not a spoiler dipshit. but i don't expect an idiot like you to understand that.

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AusRogo2404d ago

Its in the trailer man go watch it

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