Wii U spells disaster for Smash Bros. future

Nintendo might have sealed the fate of the Smash Bros series with one controller. What can they do to save the future of the franchise.

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Darkieinthemist2431d ago

the controller will be better

MariaHelFutura2431d ago

There is quite of bit of Wii U hating going on lately.

axisofweevils2431d ago

It's always the way with Nintendo.
This time a year ago, the same sites were going on about how the 3DS made people sick and how the Vita would completely thrash it...

As the 3DS turned out to be a success and the Vita flopped badly, the same sites hate on Nintendo's next console.....

KonaBro2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Wii U hate? There's only "hate" because the Wii U is going to be another underpowered console when compared to the next Xbox and PS4. Plus Nintendo didn't do themselves any favors with the ridiculous unveiling at E3 last year.

Axis, you definitely sound like someone who would get upset if they insulted Nintendo in front of you. Stay frosty.

PopRocks3592431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Oh give me a goddamn break. "Rumors have been circulating since E3 that Wii U will only support one controller."

Really? The thing is still compatible with the Wii Remote and Classic controller. Not to mention, we don't know yet if the Wii U will not have GCN controller support for sure (GCN game playback is another story).

It's also rumored that the Wii U will have GCN titles in its Virtual Console. To assume right away that there won't be a comfortable method of control for this game (which by the way is not due for release for at least two years) as well as a lack of local multiplayer is ludicrous.

Smashbro292431d ago

Honestly? This. People will find a way to use Gamecube controllers. They aren't switching the gameplay much because there's only one game per console.

Relientk772431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Yea I play Smash bros. with the GameCube controllers, its the best way to play it. the classic controller isnt bad either, but GameCube controllers are better

Khordchange2431d ago

it's compatible with wiimotes and classic controllers. Hell I guarentee you they wont even use the touch screen feature for the game, you don't have to use it. Just like brawl, they didn't use the motion controls just because they were there.

avenger.avrs2431d ago

Maybe a wireless gamecube-like controller that only works for wiiU?

Idk :P I just hope they have a controller like the gamecube for this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.