[Push-Start] Review - Kinect Star Wars

James Steel writes -
Now that the Kinect has more than a year under its belt, we're finally starting to see a true second wave of games for the device that attempt to push the envelope even further. Recent releases such as Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure and Kinect Disneyland Adventures offer up a variety of very polished experiences that really show how far developers can go with the same technology given the time.

Kinect Star Wars was a huge project, involving ten studios and over two-hundred staff working for nearly three years to bring us the final boxed product. A project involving such a wide range of studios can sometimes run into issues, primarily because there can often be a lack of a single clear vision for the project, on the other hand, it does give a lot of freedom to develop each area of the game independently to create a more complete experience. Offering up five distinct game modes offering a wide variety of gameplay, is Kinect Star Wars more than the sum...

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