GamerSheep - On The Wind Review

On The Wind is a fantastic example of creating a visually beautiful game that works really well for an unlikely platform like iOS. This game is pure eye and ear candy. It has addictive gameplay, great user-generated music, and an amazing art style I can’t get enough of.

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the worst2380d ago

are you on drugs. iphone crap
is not a 9 more like 4/10

MPGamersheep2380d ago

Why can't it be a nine? Im not comparing it to Skyrim, im comparing it to other iphone games.

MeridianHope2380d ago

Say that about Infinity Blade 1 and 2.
Say that about Galaxy on Fire.
Say that about Hero Academy.
Say that about Spaceward Ho.
Say that about Osmos.
Say that about Civilization Revolution.
Say that about Saturday Morning RPG.
Say that about Super Knockout Boxing.
and on and on...


Pull your head out of your ass and realize that there are plenty of great gaming experiences on other platforms, regardless of what your idiotic opinion of them may be.