Ding! Episode 14

GodisaGeek: "On the thirteenth (unlucky for some, but not us) episode of Ding! we join Calvin, Martin, Rik and friend of the family, and series regular, Trey Douglas (of fame) as they talk about as much information coming out of the MMO world as they possibly can, hopefully within an hour.

This week our heroes talked about the news, as usual, and then went on to discuss whether they prefer MMO’s that have a single server, with fully instanced areas, such as Guild Wars 2 and the upcoming The Secret World, or whether they prefer the more classic MMO approach where a player picks a server to play on when they’re creating their character for the first time. Whatever the team choose you can guarantee that there’ll be some disagreement and opinions being thrown aroun; but you’ll just have to listen to get in on that action."

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