Eurogamer - The Witcher 2: Enhanced 360 vs. Non-Enhanced PC Video

"Comparing the patched (but not Enhanced) PC version of the Witcher running at close to max settings, with the newly launched Xbox 360 Enhanced Edition." - Eurogamer

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hennessey864480d ago

of these comparisons, its as if PC gamers need reminding of how powerful there PC's are. We all no which will look better. I can't wait to play withcher 2 on my 360

RedDead4480d ago

It's a comparison to see how close the 360 version is. Not to show how much better the PC version is.

I think the 360 version looks good and they should be proud to have gotten it like that. Of course it isn't close to the PC version imo but still. Rumor was TW2 couldn't even run on Consoles before this. They did well/

pr0digyZA4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Nah it could always run on consoles, they even say that they could have pushed the PC version further but didn't because they were always planning a console version and also didnt want to alienate the people with lesser graphic cards (ie crysis). They said every now and again they would check if it worked.

Heres the dev diary of the engine where they discuss what I said, part 2:44 is where they talk about it being designed as a multiplatform engine.(remember this video came out before PC version) http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Dude4204479d ago

One improvement I've noticed was the colour. Although The Witcher 2 was great to play and hhas gorgeous graphics, my one gripe was the glowing colours it had. I believe the term is colour- correction and I thought it was pretty average.

Anyway, now I can see in the enhanced edition the colours look much more natural, can't wait to download the new patch.

Kamikaze1354480d ago

You're totally missing the point

GamingPerson4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Don't read ign's wicther 2 review.. they will remind you again..

"If you've got access to a high-end PC, it's fairly self-evident that's the version you should plump for, but Xbox 360 owners needn't feel short-changed by this very competent port."


CD Projekt is awsome for doing the best they can both platforms.

Somebody4480d ago

I've played The Witcher 2 on my old PC (I reckon it's a medium spec by today's or even last year's standard) and it ran smoothly. Of course I can't accessed the highest level of graphical options (nowhere near the coveted Ubersampling) but the game is still beautiful to play with barely any blurred textures.

CDP has done a great job with this engine.

Bigpappy4480d ago

In most instances, the 360 version looks better than the older PC version based on this vid. But it really isn't a deal breaker either way.

pr0digyZA4480d ago

One word comes to mind "delusional"

LOL_WUT4480d ago

That was seriously funny made my day.

DOOMZ4479d ago

Yeah, I was suprised myself! Great job CDB, instant buy....

Organization XII4480d ago

How about that favor dropping yourself off a cliff? No one likes you. You can't even spell 'Witcher 2' right.

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M1chl4480d ago

Have to say, that I bow before CD Projekt RED, this is incredible achievement and I am gonna buy X360 version, despite that I am already having a Wthcer 2 on PC. I want play it on big screen, but my main reason is to support CD Projekt RED, as much as I can!

Somebody4480d ago

So what happens when the PC gets the Enhanced version?

StayStatic4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Some free DLC , not sure if it has been deployed yet , Steam just sort of sits their in the background leeching bandwidth as and when its needs for updating stealth like :D

pr0digyZA4479d ago

you can pre-download it right now. I believe it's more than 10gb big.

BattleTorn4480d ago

I'm very interested in this particular comparison.

I was very excited when The Witcher 2 was announced to be coming to Xbox 360. (my native platform)

But since then I have bought a Gaming-PC, although I haven't taken a very strong liking to it - I literally only play games with gamepad support.

I bought Witcher 2 on PC, and TBH I haven't played all that much of it.

I'm curious as to know whether the PC-version has all the gamepad advances that the Enhanced Edition on Xbox 360 does.
If it does, I'll gladly play it on PC for the graphicall advantages. But my Xbox, and smoothness, preferences are so strong I'm considering whether I should play it on console.

STONEY44480d ago

The PC will get everything the Enhanced Edition does in a free patch, including gamepad improvements. So to answer your question, yes.

vikingland14480d ago

They did a great job on the Xbox360 port. Give them a round of applause.