There Is Nothing Sexist About Quantic Dream's Kara Demo

PSX Extreme: This is exactly what happens when sensitivity reaches a critical point and begins to crush artistic inspiration. Patrick Garratt's article concerning the problem of sexism in video games has struck a sour note with me, because it only proves just how insidious and counter-productive extreme sensitivity can be.

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Xof2377d ago

Oh, how quaint: a reactionary article to a reactionary article to a reactionary article.

Jesus ****ing Christ.

Dante1122377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

That article about the Kara demo as well as David Cage being sexist was pretty funny though. Way over the top with some of the things the author was saying (Guy said Duke Nukem wasn't as sexist as Kara lol).

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

I am also sensitive to sexism, but lately there is really a hysteria that tends to attack anyone who represents a woman even if in a non-offensive way.

What' s going on?

I agree with this article, I don' t see what Kara demo has to do with sexism.

I must also say that I think is beginning to irritate me this whole story, for a long time many women have used their body to get things that were wrongly closed or ( and if so we men should be ashamed of ourself ); less justifiable, for things that are not due to ( I don' t care if you are beautiful or ugly, if you don' t deserve something you should not have it. Both woman or man, I claim meritocracy ).
Until that is comfortable all goes well, but stop having benefits begin to point fingers crying "sexism!".

I know that many women are not like this ( although let's face it: usually are not attractive, if appealing they often take advantage to some extent, however small ), and I am myself often disgusted of how women's bodies are used ( almost always from greedy and unscrupulous men ). But I am more disgusted with the double standard, to be honest.

Godmars2902377d ago

When - how - did a tech demo become an argument about sexism?

dirigiblebill2377d ago

Except the VG247 piece never states that Kara is a sexist work in itself. Pat presents it as a portrayal of sexism.

People need to learn to read.

ReservoirDog3162377d ago

Yeah calling Kara sexist is like calling Schindler's List racist.

It's most definitely about that but it doesn't actually commit the sin just cause it asks questions about it.

KrimsonKody2371d ago

Kara demo was not sexist, @ all!

I think everyone is screaming sexist because of that small nude scene, where she covers her pooch.

How is that sexist?
I don't think there was any 'mishandling' of her parts, other than her being dismantled.
It's always sexist if the woman is not properly clothed, doesn't express an exuberant level of intelligence, or appear incompetent (compared to men) in any degree.