David Cage made the wrong game with Beyond – we need Kara on PS4

OPM: When is a game not a game? The correct answer is when it’s a tech demo. That elusive slice of forward-looking graphical bewitchery that rarely ever gets a proper release. And in the case of David Cage’s beguiling Kara, that’s a massive shame.

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Belking1990d ago

David cages game lack good gameplay. I prefer remedy. They have the total package. Great story, great characters, great voice acting and with good gameplay.

Ju1990d ago

I don't. It's not a game to begin with. But it was one - if not the best - experiences I had on the PS3. And I personally put this over any game I have "played" on the PS3 so far (incl. The Last of Us).

C-H-E-F1990d ago

@Ju (weird that's my name too)
Even better than Heavy Rain? I still think Indigo Prophecy was one of the greatest games made of all time. SO UNDERRATED!!!!! I wanted to get B2S, but I bought GTAV instead smh I know leave me alone. I'll be getting B2S when it comes to Gaikai for the ps4 (first purchase/stream however they charge you if they charge you).

DarkBlood1990d ago

Im guessing you dont understand the point of David's creation?

Riderz13371990d ago

I like the gameplay of David Cage's game. Not to mention they make Remedy's game look like a PS2 game in terms of graphics. Plus the voice acting is better in David's game. I mean, William Dafoe and Ellen Page??? You can't get any better than that =)

ebreda1990d ago

Writing on Cage`s games suck, theres no way around it. Plain and simple. Story sucks. It`s comparable to the worst movies stories you can have. Barely anything makes sense, you get conclusions out of nowhere, it`s just bad.

It`s shame, cause visuals and voice acting are top notch.

Moncole1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

That's because his games have no ai, hardly any psyics, super linear and wabt to be like movies. If any dev only focused on graphics than they can make an amazing looking games.

TekoIie1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

His story in Heavy Rain was awful. My reason for saying that? Remember this scene:

For some reason it completely skips him killing the guy. No reason what so ever to do that other than to hide that Scott's the killer.

If you're making crime story like this you need to make it clear as to which characters could be the killers. That scene completely throws off the possibility of it being Scott to any capacity.

It also has you throughout the game thinking Ethan is the killer because of his blackouts which are apparently because of... Wait for it!... stress? So these blackouts had no purpose to the story after all...

David Cage really had this story well thought out -_-

No level of voice acting can fix this mess.

kneon1990d ago


Have you never seen a 'whodunit' movie or read any such novels?

This is all normal for such stories. Why would they give away the killer before the end? And the whole thing with Ethan's blackouts is a classic red herring.

These kinds of stories always try to lead you astray but do give you enough info to figure it out if you really pay attention.

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_QQ_1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

actually they also lack good story and characterrs too. if you think otherwise transformers 2&3 are probably your favorite movies.

EDIT:Sorry thought you were talking about david cage's games, didn't see the remedy part untill now.

KonsoruMasuta1990d ago

Remedy hasn't made a good game since Max Payne 1 and 2.

Clover9041990d ago

Da fuq did you say?! Alan Wake was amazing.

ifritAlkhemyst1990d ago

Sad but honest truth. Quantum Break doesn't appear to change the fact either.

dcj05241990d ago

Dude Alan wake is amazing though.

Bathyj1990d ago

Ha, has if youve played them.

joab7771990d ago

Agree...and I think he missed a golden opportunity with Aiden to create some amazing gameplay. It was all for nothing really. I did love the experience but he needs to bring in someone that can create some amazing puzzles etc.

CGI-Quality1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Of course you prefer Remedy, but if they were making PlayStation games, you wouldn't have that same sentiment. Predictable behavior is predictable.

OT: I don't agree that Beyond was the "wrong game", but I DO think we should see a KARA variant on PS4.

XabiDaChosenOne1990d ago

Why are you so predictable?

Hank_Schrader1990d ago

Well you would belking smh.

Blaze9291990d ago

I liked Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy. BEYOND: Two Souls, just didn't stick as well as those other two games did for me. It was an interesting tale but nothing like Heavy Rain.

Will watch his next title closely but I'm not jumping in blindly. He's gonna have to change up the way he makes games a bit because those simple QTEs can't keep cutting it.

Stuart57561990d ago

Remedy we're once great, I can't help but think Microsoft is pushing them into 'Cage' games by giving them loads of money. Remedy should have stuck with Rockstar and Alan Wake would have been the game Remedy wanted it to be, it was still good and I enjoyed it though.

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CrossingEden1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Kara would've made a great story and a great unique universe. I mean seriously more than half of beyond two souls' scenes were taken straight out of movies in a bad way. Especially the party scene which completely makes the "choice" thing a complete and utter lie cause it always ends the exact same way regardless of what you do or say, not even the dialogue changes. Someone needs to stop letting David Cage be the one and only writer for their games, because he's obviously not a good one. Good acting can only help a bad plot go so far.

hulk_bash19871990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I loved Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and Beyond and I am very happy they exist so that I am able to experience them. So thank you David Cage and Co. and to Sony for taking a chance on these types of games. They aren't perfect experiences by any means but I enjoyed them for what they are and for the emotions I felt playing through them. But to each their own.

Remy_S1990d ago

Beyond looked kinda boring, Kara on ps4 though would be pretty sweet.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

thing is, david's games rely wholly on story's and "emotion", but they don't even have the best stories.

games like bioshock infinite, tlou, mgs, journey, etc... all have more emotion and don't sacrifice gameplay.

what's the point of making a game centered around stories when even that's not done very well. the story might be way better than most games, but for a game that's sole purpose is story, it doesn't cut it

Thatguy-3101990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I agree to an extent. I enjoy the quick time events in games like Heavy Rain and Beyond. It creates a different type of immersion. It's never bad to have different ways to tackle gameplay. On topic though, beyond wasn't a bad game but Kara showed a lot of potential for what it presented in those 7 mins of footage. I'm really hoping they make a game out of it.

BISHOP-BRASIL1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

David Cage's stories are not great by any means (the guy can't help himself having a story with no goof pre-ending twist, can he?). The worst part is that Beyond is much more something you would expect from David Cage than Heavy Rain (which, despite the plotholes, still had the main story making some actual sense), because the guy loves the personal drama just as much as he loves the "save the world" twist coming out of nowhere (i.e. Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy).

But as bad as it may sound, his stories are better than some 90% of what we see in other games. Also contents of story alone (I'm talking quantity) are far above the usual for this media, the only game I can think could rival it is MGS really, but Beyond literally have some 20 hours of ongoing story, not like MGS where they stop the action to explain or recapitulate past events. I see plenty of books that couldn't last that long on video, which doesn't make Beyond story better, but should make you notice that there aren't many good stories out there, media format regardless. Quantity should not be over quality, of course, but this also gives you an idea of the dedication of David Cage towards his stories, specially considering that games are a media reknowed by it's lack of care for a proper story. So what's my point with this ultra long paragraph? Simply that there no much options out there for story-focused games and this one is good enough. If you're really into story-focused games, chances are you'll end up playing this and actually enjoying it, not because it's perfect, but because it one of the best in what we got available.

But I would like to point out thhat the biggest quality of David Cage games are not the story itself anyway, it's the storytelling we play those games for. It's the way he presents, advance and show you his stories. They have the right pace, the right acting, the right camera work... He's a really skilled director, just not a good writer. If they would get a better main writer and have David only co-write for pace and his direction views to work properly, they would be perfect in that aspect.

Now gameplay? Well, there we may have a problem indeed. Quantic Dream purposefully let gameplay go in the backseat, it's no priority at all. In fact, if you watch Beyond Two Souls making off, they tell many times how they wanted to warrant interaction would be second nature (hence the minimalist analog input), not because of mere functionality, but to keep you immersed in the story. They want you to "watch" their work even more than they want you to "play" their game.

Beyond was even a little worse on that aspect than other Quantic Dream games, as the gameplay narrowed further and the impact of you messing on the gameplay or even path choices were gratly diminished (they basically want you to watch the story the way they want to tell it).

This means last Quantic Dreams' game is more in line with the Interactive Movie genre than Adventure. Will this became a trend for them? I don't know... I hope not because I love Heavy Rain more than Beyond, it felt more of a game, even if I enjoyed Beyond's story better... But either case shouldn't be a deal breaker for those that are into this kind of games (I know at least I still enjoyed Beyond for what it was).

EverydayGuy1990d ago

I had to play beyond twice to get the full effect of the game. The first play through I was confuse by all the jumbled events until I had reach the ending where it all made sense.

The second play through in chronological order was more immersive, and satisfying in playing through both orders.

As an artist David Cage is continually evolving, so I think he is making more strides in progression than the latter. With his new tech demo he showcase, I can't help but wonder what he is going after next? Maybe a Harry Potter like game this time around.

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