I Assure You, The Illuminati Do Not Exist

The Department of Electronic Entertainment reports: "Attention citizens, we here at the Department of Electronic Entertainment are glad to see that you all enjoyed yourselves with the hands-on play you had with Funcom’s upcoming game The Secret World during the Penny Arcade Expo last week, but please remember that the Illuminati group mentioned in the game is only a fictional organization. You do not need to concern yourselves that the Department of Electronic Entertainment has been infiltrated by Illuminati double agents."

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Snookies122381d ago

Yeah sure... That's what they want us to believe... CAN'T YOU SEE THEY'RE JUST TRYING TO THROW US OFF THE TRAIL!? Lol!

I actually think it's plausible the Illuminati exist today, but that's just me... :\

Whore_Mouth2381d ago

I like the site's facade as an official governmental site.

Nice job.