OPM: Borderlands 2 PS3 gameplay video preview

Associate editor Leon (me) went to play Borderlands 2 recently. In this gameplay video I talk to reviews ed Joel about the guns, the shooting, the guns, the new characters, monsters, story and guns. Did I mention the guns?

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portal_22471d ago

I really enjoyed Borderlands and can't wait for the new one.

TheModernKamikaze2471d ago

Wow disagrees? It's his opinion on which I agree.

Blastoise2471d ago

Looks cool, im looking forward to this game. I hope the story is better in the one though, i realise the story wasn't really a main focus of the game but i'd still like to know whats going on this time around

spunnups2471d ago

fetch and return at nauseum, no story, and super easy pretty much sums up the first one

Eiffel2470d ago

I still regret spending $30 for the first, massive buyers remorse.