Silent Hill: Downpour Review | GamerNode

GamerNode's Eddie Inzauto writes:

"Silent Hill games are built on mystery, confusion, and disorientation. Emotional discomfort sets in as Silent Hill targets the protagonist as its victim, and physical ineptitude heightens the felt oppression and malice in an ever-changing nightmare world. Silent Hill is the unknown and resulting fear. It’s feeling lost and weak, at the mercy of horror, as a character who denies truth, questions reality, and must alter perceptions to open up to new understanding. Silent Hill is a veil of secrets, a history of torment, the occult. It’s suspense, puzzles, words, numbers. It’s revelation. It’s psychosis.

Vatra Games understands Silent Hill. Downpour, for the first time since Team Silent left the franchise in 2004, gets it right."

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