Max Payne 3 is Max Payne all over | Bitmob Preview

Despite a developer change and a nine-year gap since the last game, Max Payne 3 is going to fit right in with the rest of the series.

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THR1LLHOUSE2383d ago

I didn't play all that much of the older games, but this looks pretty rad.

Derekvinyard132382d ago

if you can get #1 and 2 now for cheap i can promise you that you wont regret it. such fun games with great stories. unforgettable

StayStatic2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Pre-ordered on Steam :D , I hope you deliver Rockstar :P , the first 2 MPs were fantastic.

sonicsidewinder2383d ago

Does it have Captain Baseball Bat Boy?