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The Tales series is putting out yet another installment. This time as a first, a 3D game being done by the minds behind Tales of Destiny, getting their first shot. It’s been 4 years since Tales of Vesperia, the Tales fans are finally getting a taste of Tales, especially after question being if Tales of Graces would hit western shores. Originally it was a Wii game, which was then ported to the PlayStation 3, given extra content and a graphical polish. Well it is now, but is Tales of Graces a tale worth telling? Or should you keep this book closed

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Two_Sheds_Jackson2473d ago

If you own every platform you should never be japanese rpg fact theres too damn many

IceTheRetroKid2473d ago

Yeah, I was just stating, it could have flew over their heads, maybe they overlooked the genre and wanna get back into it, etc., many scenarios.

belac092473d ago

Tales of Graces f is the greatest Jrpg on the ps3 as far as im concerned.

azizmb2473d ago

Agreed, favorite RPG on the PS3 for me!