Peter Molyneux's Milo Was "Nearly Finished"

Peter Molyneux recently explained in an interview that Milo, the doomed Kinect title was close to completion before being cancelled by Microsoft. He explains in further detail why Microsoft felt that they would have a hard time marketing the title.

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Akuma-3037d ago

Haha, yeah, whatever and the wii u will be very powerful also.

CarlitoBrigante3037d ago

When is this guy ever gonna shut up, he is mediocre at best.

enfestid3037d ago

That's what she said.

(I don't care if I get disagreed into oblivion... it was worth it.)

gameplayingfool3037d ago

I liked the Fable series, but Molyneux really is a freakin' blow hard that runs at the mouth.

Anon19743037d ago

Not really up on your game history, eh Carlito? Molyneux was responsible for some of the best games to ever see the light of day. Populous, Syndicate, Black and White, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper... Molyneux pushed boundaries and there's no denying that had his vision for Fable been realized it would have been one of a kind. Hell, I still love both the first and second Fable games.

You want to look at when things started to go downhill, oddly it seems to coincide right around the time he started working exclusively for Microsoft. Fable Journey, The Movies, Milo? Quite frankly, I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do with a new studio and hope we can see some of the Molyneux of old.

I have to admit, the idea of a virtual companion like Milo is ambitious as hell, but I would have never bought it. If he had made it a monster or alien or something from the start and made it about teaching them through interactions I think he would have had something. It was the fact that it was a little boy that creeped everyone out. Think about it. If Milo was a cute robot character or something doing the same kind of thing no one would have had any issue with it. Just my two cents.

Outside_ofthe_Box3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

LOL @ all the peadophile jokes on here.

Milo actually had me at awe with Kinect when I first saw it.

Milo IMO shows the great potential kinect has.

It probably wouldn't have worked well as a game, but it was a great concept IMO. Milo should have at least sparked some great ideas of what developers should/could do with kinect.

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Machioto3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

@akuma What does that have to with the article?

@tai the console would have been higher in price if they added it and people are misconstruing 120 fps,he believed based on the specs it would be capable of it and I think their is one game that actually has 120fps but it's not a demanding game,still count s though.

@NYC I like the concept but I'm not sure if the way he presented it is the way I'm I thinking of it because he thought that the Milo demo was suppose to make the player feel like they had a real connection with him,my perception of the Milo demo is like we'er his imagenary friend and we influence him with our words an gestures.

FlameBaitGod3037d ago

I said it b4 E3 started, MS would invent something out of their butts to look good.

SilentNegotiator3037d ago

They faked it at E3 ( ) and journalists were told very specific things to say, so if it was "nearly finished", then they sure kept it to themselves.

What the heck kind of game were they turning it into?

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NYC_Gamer3037d ago

The 360/Kinect hardware was not ready to handle something complex as Milo

iamnsuperman3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

As a game no one was ready/will ever be ready for Milo. The video of it looked good but it is unclear how much is smoke and mirrors like all the "live demos" we see nowadays.

fossilfern3037d ago

I said from the start that the Kinect will not live up to all the hype and I was right. To be honest its not a bad idea but its not a great idea at the same time, for hardcore games anyway.

Im sorry but you cannot control a game like the Witcher 2, Counter Strike, Skyrim etc without a controller/mouse and keyboard. Its fine for party games but nothing else

Tai_Kaliso3037d ago

Well they are adding Kinect support for Skyim, it will basically take the place of hotkeys and things like that.
You don't need a mouse or keyboard if your voice is just as effective.

I think people try to right it off in one way or another, but Kinect has lived up to my original expectations for the most part, I mean you could argue a lot of things didn't live up to expectations...I mean I cant run 2 HDMI cables up to my PS3 and 2 monitors at the same time and it doesn't do 120fps or 4-D.

I think of all the claims made this generation, Kinect has done the most to actually live up to those. Which is why it sells so well.

StanSmith3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Can't believe you got a disagree.

Look at this list of Kinect games:

It's 95% crap.

@Tai, Regarding the PS3, it had a design change as all that was far too expensive. Sony would have done it if they could.
The tech in Kinect is great, but the games suck. Great for families and parties though, but little else.

StanSmith3037d ago

This came across as a peadophile recruiter more than that iOS game did lol! It was just too weird!

Hellsvacancy3037d ago

I know what you mean, who exactly was Milos target market?

StanSmith3037d ago

Off the top of my head, Peadophiles or at a guess, people with no friends.

It was great as a tech demo, but to try releasing it as a game was really pushing it.

h311rais3r3037d ago

Imagine someone high with milo? It would be hilarious!

phinch3037d ago

It really wasnt though

Fel083037d ago

Milo was pretty weird IMO. It was like a pedophile's dream. Thank God it wasn't released.

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