New Forza 2 Screenshots + New Info

Here we have 2 New Forza 2 Screenshots, Nice looking car models but They need to work on the grass, I'm sure they will make it better by launch.

Some new Info:

-they are still targeting a Japan release at the end of 2006
- the game is currently 60% finished (currently optimizing, working on the lightning, etc..)
- 60fps confirmed for the final game
- 15 % more tuning options?
- BMW is one of the new makers in the lineup
- Xbox Live modes are already fully integrated
- new cars and tracks are planned to be available for download every 6 months
- there is a secret not yet announced game mode

You can view the screens in the image section below.

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LostSoul5853d ago

This game is starting to look great. What about the grass? That is motion blur, when your going 145 mph your not going to be able to tell which blade of grass is which.

zapzone5853d ago

I am really looking forward to this game. It's surely gonna make up for any potential rubbish christmas presents when it comes out in the new year :)

Jay da 2KBalla5853d ago

only 60%. Damn. Keep it up Turn 10. Looking good.

COVER GIRL5853d ago

Nice! realalistic color lighting and sharpness. I do agree it needs work but at 60% done that's dam good. The gameplays going to be off the hook though. At least they're showing us despite the ugly ground as of right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.