Eternal Sonata: Characters broadened on PS3

PSU writes:

"Microsoft fans got to play Eternal Sonata far before their rival PlayStation fans. They were given the opportunity to enjoy this masterpiece of a title in all of its glory. Anybody who has played it would agree that is was not only phenomenal, but also unforgettable. The story was perfect, the art was brilliant, and the score was absolutely mesmerizing. Now it's our turns.

Great things come to those who wait. Eternal Sonata is slated to hit PS3 shelves this year and it's going to be a title to remember. What do the Sony faithful get for the long wait? Two extra playable characters that were mere NPC's for the 360. "

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ruibing3939d ago

If Disgaea 3, Eternal Sonata, and Last Remnant all come to North America by the summer of 2008, I know my plans for the first few weeks will be.

[email protected]3939d ago

There hope for it... and how know maybe FFXIII too hahaha a la Bill gates lol ^__^

Agriel3939d ago

Don't forget White Knight Story, that is still looking to be a great jrpg. And being that its going to be released soon in Japan, its not hard to think that it would hit NA by this summer maybe even spring

n_n3939d ago

another in my collection for sure... the PS3 is in dire need of some good RPG's... Folklore was great, though under-rated and underhyped... i would like more JRPG's though, i mean, isn't that why i stuck to Playstation in the first place?

Douchebaggery3939d ago

I wonder if they would say that if the game had remained exclusive?

Agriel3939d ago

well if it was still exclusive to the 360 then I doubt that PSU a dedicated playstation site would say much of anything about. So I really don't see your point except maybe to take a cheap jab at a website.

jaja14343939d ago

While I loved ES, I really hated the break in cute scenes about Choppin. Had they integrated them better into the story then it would be different but well I guess you'll see what I mean sooner or later.

jack who3939d ago

i played this game last year...

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The story is too old to be commented.