Top 10 Turn based RPGs that are NOT Final fantasy

Keith Savage of Brash Games writes "Ok, so a few rules apply to these top 10 articles. Only one game per series for a start number two this is MY top 10 some classics might have passed me by and I have never played them if this is the case give me a heads up and I will be sure to check them out".

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2538d ago
Lon3wolf2537d ago

Not played 8,7,4 or 2, the rest were great though, good list.

2537d ago
Tetsujin2537d ago

I know the author mentioned "their top 10" so I'm not questioning the opinion, however I'm surprised Xenogears wasn't mentioned.

Movefasta19932537d ago

OFF the top of my head,breath of fire 3,shadow hearts covenant, dragon quest 8, eternal sonata,pokemon gold/ruby and lost odyssey.

SegaGamer2537d ago

Dragon Quest 8 is one of the best games i have ever played. It just got better and better the longer it went on.

Movefasta19932537d ago

hell yea!My first dragon quest game,loved the humor,voice acting,art style, story,gameplay,ect ect

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