The 6 Worst Xbox 360 Exclusives

MMGN: The Xbox 360 doesn’t have an unblemished record. There have been some shocking games released on 360, as there are on any platform, and many of them were before Kinect launched.

As we did with the PlayStation 3 earlier this year, let’s take a look at six of the worst exclusives released on Xbox 360.

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arbitor3654426d ago

how perfect dark zero has an 81 metascore is beyond me. it just shows how lenient critics are towards xbox games. They all jumped on haze, when really the only problem was that it was "bland" and "mediocre." Perfect dark zero is a broken, primitive, ugly mess.

trenso14426d ago

The Xbox has 6 exclusives?
I kid, I kid. Don't flame me lol.
But I I thought perfect dark zero was a good one since some of my friends said they enjoyed it. But since I don't own the console I can't say for my self. A couple of these games I haven't even heard of tbh.

Series_IIa4426d ago

I bought Two Human for about £1.75 used... About 7 months after release

For the price I paid it was "okay" but if I had bought it brand new, I'd be pretty miffed.

The rest look like junk and glad I've not played them.

c1oudy4426d ago

I quite liked Too Human and perfect Dark Zero, maybe I just have lower standards? Havent played the rest though.

kreate4426d ago

Isnt onechanbara not a xbox exclusive?


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19d ago
Cockney18d ago

At the rate xbox is going you'll have another 20 years to play the original before the reboot arrives


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x_xavier_x183d ago

Perfect Dark Zero was the first game that I purchased for my XBOX 360. I still have the game in my collection. I think I played it for about 45 minutes in total over the past 18 years. It's a really bad game, and I was so disappointed when I first fired it up almost 20 years ago.

zacly183d ago

I had fun with the mutiplayer. Didnt feel like Perfect Dark, but still had some fun with it