Why I Think Batman Arkham Asylum Is Better Than Arkham City

TheCrapgamer of writes:
2011 was a great year for gamer’s no doubt about it, it was such a huge year in terms of quantity as well as quality, which is very rare to see both of those things in the same year. Seeing that it was such an epic year full of splendid sequels and some very good new IP’s, I can be forgiven for not having played through all of what is considered to be the top games for the year. I was bogged down with a huge back log of games and so I missed out on playing through one of the better games, which was Batman Arkham City. I went into playing this game with great expectations, after all Arkham Asylum was one of my all time favorite games and Arkham City looked like it was well on its way to beating it in terms of quality. Not to mention all of the Game Of The Year talk that included Arkham City last year, so imagine my surprise when I finished the game the other day and my first thought was that it wasn’t as good as the first game.

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