Mass Effect 3 Ending Theory: Commander Shepard Is Being Lied To [Massive Spoiler Warning] - PSLS Lead Staff Writer Nick Michetti offers his opinion on the final events of Mass Effect 3. This editorial contains massive endgame and ending spoilers!

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doctorstrange2562d ago

Without giving away spoilers, I agree

dbjj120882562d ago

I think many people have theorized that the ending just plain sucks, but I think this guy has a much more thoughtful response.

iamnsuperman2562d ago

I doesn't really matter now. Even if this was Bioware's original plan (to release another ending later) and its amazing it will always been seen as a redo ending because of it releasing after the full game release. Bioware kind of messed up

DeadlyFire2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

I do agree as well. I believe AI child has made it to my hitlist in ME universe though. Hopefully a Mass Effect Arc to kill him in the end of ME 6 maybe?

I believe he needed the Mass Relays destroyed and simply couldn't do it himself. He has shifted all military might to one point in the galaxy and destroyed their quick route home. He ultimately has made 99% of the galaxy defenseless in all three scenarios. Possibly he has an alliance with an organic future threat we have not seen. What is to happen when a new threat enters the galaxy? Someone might have to take a look at visiting another galaxy for help. Since our own is pretty beat up from a Reaper war.

Just my two cents on a direction they could take for next ME game wave.

Mythicninja2561d ago

I think killing the ghost AI child is an idea for a game / mission the entire fanbase could rally around. I'd like to strangle the son of a bitch myself.

Nimblest-Assassin2562d ago

It's like they said. LOTS OF SPECULATION FROM EVERYONE! I think they wanted players to put down the controller and question what they just saw. Problem is it backfired horribly, and everyone argued how the ending sacrificed the narrative coherence the 2.95 games had built up. I was disappointed by the lack of choices or characters who lived and died had absolutely no part in the conclusion, which is why I am fine with the EC... But still, it's something to ponder on.

Hayakuzima2562d ago

I think that's a brilliant article, a lot of thought went into it.
Not saying I agree
But it was an interesting read none-the-less

Wumbo2562d ago

well written and very interesting. But personally the indoctrination theory seems like the way to go. It would be remembered as the biggest twist in gaming in years if bioware were to reveal this in the extended cut due this summer.

We all just have to wait and stop flooding teh interwebz with "omg the ending suxxorz" articles and threads.

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