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Blacklight: Retribution doesn’t stand out from the crowd, but this free-to-play shooter offers a decent amount of bang for your non-buck.

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ATi_Elite2408d ago

Gonna take a break from BF3 and Tribes Ascend and put more time into Blacklight Retribution! I really like the futuristic combat and the HVR vision. It's basically run n gun like COD but you can the Devs implementing more strategy into the game as it goes along.

It's a nice break from the other high end strategic PC FPS that are out.

the game is solid and offers some variation of gameplay form other shooters but the best part (besides being F2p) is that the game will offer a lot of new content rapidly now that the beta is over!

just like other F2P games things start off slow then they rapidly pick up and offer a lot of content and options!