Hands-On: Ghost Recon Online - TSA Preview


Since Ghost Recon’s last mainstream outing in 2007 a lot has changed. Over the past few years, EA and Activision have continually struggled for the crown of most popular online shooter, creating a seemingly unbreakable oligopoly along the way. 2007 marked the period in which millions of casual gamers were starting to discover competitive multiplayer; it was no longer a pastime exclusive to gaming’s elite clansmen. Having left Battlefield and Call of Duty to duke it out for a few years now, Ubisoft will finally launch the much-anticipated Ghost Recon: Future Soldier this May, spawning a powerful candidate in the ever-growing contemporary warfare genre.

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My buddy Hung loves to talk about this game

Jio2379d ago

I love this game, but people use the Recon class way too much and some weapon balance changes are needed.

Ares84HU2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

NVM, got confused and thought it was GRFS.

jdktech20102379d ago

Just loaded up the's pretty darn solid for a f2p game in beta. Makes me think I might even like Future Solider enough to buy it (if it's anything like it).

Never played a ghost recon game except GRAW2 campaign a bit (just played at a friends house)

Pretty impressed for the 30 mins I played