Why Star Wars: Battlefront III Never Got Made


We tried not to put the boot in too much with yesterday's announcement of Lost Planet 3, but it really was one of the strangest game reveals we've ever reported on. Like anything the Lost Planet franchise does have its fans, but even most of those jumped ship after the first sequel. And even if you did like both games we're pretty sure nobody was sending petitions to Capcom in order to have Spark Unlimited work on the series.

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Emilio_Estevez2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

Why would they even make LP3? It makes no sense. The last one didn't sell a mil on any platform. It sold less than the first and I thought 2 was garbage. And if they weren't making BF3 anymore then why let internet rumors keep going? Wouldn't you want to say that you're not making it so people drop it?

NYC_Gamer2567d ago

Its just Capcom using another cheap studio to make some profit

Wenis2566d ago

Probably because they knew it was really the only way to get any sort of publicity for their game

Tai_Kaliso2566d ago

Well Battlefront 3 was getting made, we can all blame Haze for the cancelling of SWBF3. Free Radical dropped an epic turd with that game and were forced to shut down strictly because of that game.

No SWBF3, blame Haze.

NYC_Gamer2566d ago

Haze was one over-hyped piece of garbage that failed real damn hard

StanSmith2566d ago

Last i heard, Free Radical became Crytek UK. So, LucasArts is still to blame for no Battlefront 3.

Tai_Kaliso2566d ago

Read any article on Free Radical, the tech and game died with them.

Haze was such a commercial and financial failure that is cost us SWBF3.

Do you honestly think if Haze had been good, been reviewed good and sold well that Free Radical would have closed down?

They even said Haze was the nail in the coffin.

StanSmith2566d ago

Calm down Tai! I didn't even mention Haze or why Free Radical closed. Take a chill pill!

I was just saying, Free Radical closed, but they became Crytek UK. The majority of Free Radicals staff are under Crytek now. If LucasArts still wanted them to carry on development, they could have. Therefore, LucasArts are still to blame.

Ilovetheps42566d ago

That was a pretty good read. I hope that a Battlefront 3 gets made though. I was always wondering why Lucas Arts would give Battlefront 3 to someone like Spark. They aren't a terrible developer but I just don't think they would have been able to make a proper sequel to the Battlefront series. All I can do is sit back and hope that someone does make the game though.

Zha1tan2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

im sick of waiting for this game, Lucas Arts is jsut plain terrible these days.

The old Republic had the most awful story going and wasnt a patch on knights of the old republic.

Lucasarts used to be so great....

Jedi Knight
X wing + Tie Fighter
Knights of the old republic
Podracing titles

then along came

Force unleashed
The old Republic
Star Wars kinect

What happened Lucasarts?

StanSmith2566d ago

Don't forget Rogue Squadron!

soundslike2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

This article is written tremendously well.

So sad though...

Battlefront 3 should get a kickstarter. I'm pretty sure they'd meet their goal. I can't think of many people I know who wouldn't contribute.

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