iPad "not far at all" from AAA console quality gaming, says Remedy

iPad, and tablets in general, push technology forward at a rapid clip. The processing power grows significantly each year and, according to Remedy Entertainment CEO Matias Myllyrinne, it won't be long before full-fledged console experiences like Alan Wake can be had on tablets.

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Snookies122571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Yeah sure, except for the fact that... It's big and bulky to hold, costs about triple the price of any system, has no controls except touching the screen (sure there might be things you can get to "remedy" that... See what I did there? Though it's still a pain I'm sure.) Also you won't be able to get physical games, which is something I really enjoy as a part of being a gamer. With those things in mind I think I'd rather stick with consoles/PC thank you very much.

Hicken2571d ago

You forgot about battery life.

asmith23062571d ago

What the OP said. Alot of these devs who are trying to break new ground with things like iPad, Kinect, Move, etc forget that gamers who play AAA games like traditional experiences ie. with a fucking controller!! Take that away and you have lost them in my opinion.

Snookies122571d ago

Exactly, we just want to control our games the same way we've been doing it for years and years. We're used to that experience, we're happy with it, why change it?

rockbottom30762571d ago

To date most motion controls/voice controls/touchscreen controllers are not good on the console games (IE tiger woods sucks with motion controls) and the only tablet games that have really greg controls are on rails or single swipe games. Why do you think Dave and Busters is pushing these games now... they are casual! Give me controller or my avatar will experience death!

extermin8or2571d ago

lol- all I need to say I think.

FatGayandbald2571d ago

We slap-heads must stick together but on this occasion i must strongly disagree.

GribbleGrunger2571d ago

well i'm a slap-head and i was going to reply, but i suddenly realised that two slap-heads next to each other would make a pair of tits... so i thought better of it

sikbeta2571d ago

Console Fanboys... Meet your New Enemy!

AtomicGerbil2571d ago

Nothing to worry about, PCs should have wiped out consoles years ago and that hasn't happened has it?

I wish the media would get off the Apple hype ride.

2571d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.