More Far Cry Vengeance Details and First Screenshots

Today, Ubisoft officially announced the title and details for its upcoming Far Cry video game for the Wii­ Far Cry Vengeance. Based on the highly successful Far Cry Instincts Evolution, Far Cry Vengeance expands on the experience with a new storyline, new maps and new weapons. The game takes advantage of the revolutionary Wii Remote and Nunchuk allowing players to drive, shoot, slash, jump and climb their way through a rebel-infested, tropical hell. Far Cry Vengeance will be a Wii launch title.

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God of Gaming5848d ago

ouch... what happened. The xbox 1 version blows this away... I expected at least that level of quality. Ubisoft tisk tisk

ChickeyCantor5848d ago it me or did ubi say they are improving the gfx from what they already had on the xbox??????????????

DreDawgg065848d ago

ya, this is pretty sad graphic details. THis just further proves that the Wii is not direct competition for the 360 nor the PS3 because they are on different levels.

MaXXiN5847d ago

This is not proof of the wii being underpowered, this is Ubisoft's poor porting ability. The wii can do things much better than this...

zonetrooper55847d ago

The Wii is actually more powerful than the xbox 1 but many times weaker in the graphics department compared to the xbox 360 and PS3.

ChickeyCantor5847d ago

yeah its weaker then 360 and PS3......but still its better then xbox1......and did some great its ubi this scan and 16:9 should also ad a touch when playing at home

Arsenic135846d ago

there better be online and map making !, plus there better be online !