AMY - Patch available now on PS3

VectorCell has released a Patch for AMY, including Changelog. Xbox360 Patch is follow.

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ThatEnglishDude2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

So it doesn't fix shitty framerate, game breaking bugs, sound issues, clear removal of powers and general shitty game design?

This patch is like spitting on a turd and calling it better because it has a slight shine to it.

zeal0us2409d ago

Guess what studio/developer will probably be closing b4 this year ends?

Ilovetheps42409d ago

The game is so broken why try to fix it? It has a terrible reputation and that is hard for a game to get past.

Dualshockers_Carlos2409d ago

is this a patch to make the game free? Because even then i still wouldn't play it -_-

josephayal2409d ago

Def one of the best Game this Gen

Der_Kommandant2409d ago

hopefully comes with another game