Lost Planet 3: Turning Point Dev Chosen For 'Passion & Ability' - Capcom

Speaking with NowGamer, Capcom explain why the hell they chose a developer not know for paricularly great games to partner with them to create Lost Planet 3...

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skyward2407d ago

Hugely surprised they moved this out of Japan, but other than RE, it's probably one of their most action-oriented franchises. TP:liberty and Legendary certainly have plus points, but they're not hugely promising. Reckon Spark could come good with LP3 though...

dark-hollow2407d ago

"Turning Point Dev Chosen For 'Passion & Ability' - Capcom"

Translation: turning point dev chosen because it was the cheapest deal we could have.

Kingdom Come2407d ago

IGN have been singing Lost Planet 3's praises, they stated that the demo shown to them was innovative, creative, and brilliant and claimed that it is already looking to be one of the best games of 2013.

They haven't had the budget of a Capcom title before and with the original Lost Planet development squad helping them the game is sounding magnificent.

dark-hollow2407d ago

Legendary and turning point were a shining examples of good ideas but not executed very well.

Hopefully they prove me wrong because I love the lost planet series.

GillHarrison2407d ago

They certainly have a passion and ability for making abysmal games.

Kingdom Come2407d ago

Quote from IGN (Who have actually seen the game): "Atmospheric, innovative and completely unexpected, Lost Planet 3 has catapulted itself onto the list of games to watch for 2013 on the strength of a single demo."

Even I'm surprised but I'm glad to hear they've proven themselves capable of developing both a good game and this sequel.

DrPepper2407d ago

dude its IGN, nobody gives a fuck what they think. because most of what they do or say is bullshit to gamers anyways.

AAWELLS092407d ago

@DrPepper Grow up kid.

@Kingdom Come It definetely sounds promising and IGN usually isnt afraid to trash a game if its no good so im looking forward to seeing more from this title.

Dlacy13g2407d ago

This definite feels like Capcom struck a deal with them they just couldn't pass on... I have no idea how or why but something Spark showed or pushed to Capcom told them this could work.

firefly692407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I Just want the focus to be on the Single player campaign like the first game!Im certain it will be better than the crap Lost Planet 2 was,but if they can get this new game to the same status or higher the first one had when was released on the 360 than im happy!

MilkMan2407d ago

Turning Point and Legendary where fine games. LOTS of factors go into a games success (or failure) how many triple A games don't make it? How many is the reverse?
I'll side with Crapcon on this one, give me someone with ability any day over someone that "thinks" they got it like that. Say like Square-Enix.

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