ARCTIC COMBAT Official Trailer Revealed

ARCTIC COMBAT is an upcoming free-to-play, modern military MMOFPS by WEBZEN. Today the developer announced the release of not only a new teaser site, but also a new trailer.

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DoomeDx2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Wow i seriously thought i was looking at a CoD Map Pack.

The enviroments look exacly the same

EDIT: Its a free to play MMO FPS. For a free game, it looks decent. though still alot like CoD

finbars752380d ago

I agree I thought it was COD.even if its free I will still pass on this.Not a COD fan or any game related.But it is cool that its free and could really draw alot of attention if done right.

CanadianTurtle2380d ago

My goodness, I've seen a lot of CoD clones in this industry. This is by far the closest. Hey, now everyone who was complaining about CoD can now relax because you don't have to pay 60bucks for the game anymore, because this is free to play.

MMOGames2380d ago

This isn't COD?

Oh my..

*scratches chin*