Mass Effect 3 Ending: Change Could Have Empowered Game Writing

So now we know: BioWare is releasing free DLC this summer that will “expand on” and “add clarity to” the ending of Mass Effect 3. The ending as it stands will not change, despite fan outcry asking for the contrary for weeks now, but in some ways, perhaps this is the only move BioWare could have reasonably made.

In Ray Muzyka’s comments given in BioWare’s press release, he says the company hopes to find a middle ground between giving fans what they want (or at least, what BioWare thinks they want — we did a whole analysis on this possibility) and “preserving the team’s artistic vision.”

We’ve already discussed the idea of “artistic integrity” in this case, and why it is in no way harmed by completing a new ending. Many fans (and a few of us here at Game Front) believe the ending of Mass Effect 3 qualitatively isn’t good enough, so that colors the artistic merit debate greatly.

p.s. also linked a video about the clarity ending has nothing to do with original link information

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sagapo3525d ago

Am I the only one here who thought the ending was beautifull?

Hicken3525d ago

To be honest, probably.

I hate the "artistic integrity" excuse. Wasn't their ORIGINAL ending leaked before the game came out, and this one written in its place? If that's true, whatever "artistic integrity" the ending had was already compromised by their decision to change the ending instead of going with what they had.

And if this current ending is their replacement, and happens to be of such poor quality intentionally )or accidentally, for that matter), then I really don't see a problem with people having issue with it. I do, however, see a problem with Bioware's unwillingness to change the ending they- purportedly- already changed.

There's a difference between an ending being left open to interpretation, and and ending that was done in a poor and vague manner. Given how well everything else in the series wraps up, ME3's ending seems to fall in the latter case. And it seems to argue that, perhaps, their aim was to sell you a more complete ending through DLC(the fact that they're unwilling to ACTUALLY change the ending and instead would to give gamers "clarity" seems to support this).

stragomccloud3524d ago

Do you have any links or sources about the earlier leaked ending? I'm very interested...

stragomccloud3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Great read. I heartily agree.