Borderlands 2 Is Easily One Of The Best Games At PAX EAST 2012 (Hands-On) | GameBlurb

Guilty confession: I have never played the original Borderlands. Somehow, in the midst of all the other big titles that was released in October, I sort of missed it. And boy do I regret not diving into the first one.

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Gordo7893013d ago

Man I wish I had gone to PAX this year :-(

Stakenborg3013d ago

Anything near as good as the original and it'll be fantastic.

Dante1123013d ago

Yeah, PAX sounds like it was pretty heavy as far as games go.

Drabent3013d ago

Have to wait too long for release><

Holeran3013d ago

Borderlands 1 was excellent. Hope this next one keeps the same vibe. Can't wait.

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