OXCGN’s Kinect Rush Review- Rush to the shops?


"Let’s face it, a hardcore gamer doing a review of a Disney inspired Kinect game is like a hard-core metal rock fan reviewing popular young pop artist Justin Bieber’s latest album.

So we at OXCGN decided that it was more in keeping with the target market of Kinect Rush to get our guest ‘Kid Gamer’, a tween who held a game controller before he learned to walk, to do this review.

However, for a ‘real’ gamer this is the snack before the upcoming AAA title.

How does this attractive looking Kinect ‘snack’ fare with the ‘Kid Gamer’ tester? Does it take him to Disneyland, or a Kinect hell more like being trapped and strapped onto the It’s A Small World ride?"

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BadCircuit3017d ago

I was surprised how much diversity there was with this game: Just the sort of thing Kinect is good for: fun and diverse games.

Eske3017d ago

Kinda neat. The animations actually look pretty well realized, which is pretty unusual for a movie license game.

Belgavion3017d ago

sounds better than the Disneyland Kinect game, which is just made up of a billion fetch quests

BadCircuit3017d ago

It's strange that they fell so closely together in release really.