New Wii Chess Screenshots Released

Nintendo Europe has released some new screenshots of Wii Chess for the Nintendo Wii. European gamers can master chess against the computer or a friend online or offline. The European release date is slated for January 18th, no word on a North American release so far.

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Yuprules3963d ago

Lol, check out the screenshot with the error connecting to the internet!

pcz3963d ago

im not buying this game.. it reminds me of chu chu rocket on the dreamcast- it should be free. it looks lazy

d3l33t3963d ago

Wii's secret gaming weapon :)

Bubble Buddy3963d ago

HELL YEA Wii chess. *sarcasm

commadore653963d ago

this is the kind of thing that needs to be released on wii to please nintendo's new aged demographic.

looks like a cop out for a computer game but if there were cartoony graphics or anything that over complicated chess then it wouldnt suit the market it's aimed at.

whats wrong with a board tho?

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