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Your city is in ruins. Destroyed cars litter the decimated streets and lie dormant beside the crumbling buildings that struggle to rise above the twisted train tracks. Dust swirls and cloaks, choking anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in its suffocating gusts. And the people are in even worse shape than the tattered city they still call home. Society has disintegrated as quickly as the structures that used to cage in its residents. Some people travel in wolfish packs, scrounging on the weak to feed their insatiable desires. Others huddle with their loved ones, thankful just to survive another day.

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Valenka3017d ago

Decent review for a decent game.

Son_Lee3017d ago

Loved the demo, but not sure I wanna spend $14.99 on it.

jetlian3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

its longer than seeing 2 movies at 7.50 each. demo level doesnt show much. gets better the longer you play

Shmotz3017d ago

Enjoyed the game, played on Survivor difficulty and clocked in at around 6 hours.