How Japanese Gaming Did Last Year

Famitsu publisher Enterbrain has released its latest data, a 2007 hardware and software sales round-up. According to Enterbrain's sales data and estimation, the domestic Japan market was worth ¥687.66 billion (US$6 billion). That 25 percent increase is an a record high for the domestic market. Here's the breakdown for those who are into numbers and money:

• 2006 (December 26, 2005 ~ December 31, 2006)
Hardware: Approximately 261.9 billion yen
Software: Approx. 363.89 billion yen
Total: Approx. 625.79 billion yen

• 2007 (January 1, 2007 ~ December 30, 2007)
Hardware: Approximately 327.41 billion yen
Software: Approx. 360.25 billion yen
Total: Approx. 687.66 billion yen

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The Killer5253d ago

just give them a game that has rabbits jumping and u will see sales breakthrough!

PS360WII5253d ago

Hardware sales up and software sales down... go figure. Makes sense what with all the PSP buying with no games and Wii buying with no little games sales as well. I guess they just like to look at the hardware then use it.

Mr Tretton5253d ago

well no, it's because they don't play FPS games and see those as 'killer apps'

anyway, good for them. Software sales will increase next year.