Borderlands 2: 'Solo players don't like jackasses messing with their story'

Borderlands is perhaps best known as a shooter aimed squarely at co-operative play, but with its sequel developer Gearbox wants to make sure the solo experience gets equal attention.

Speaking to CVG over loud dubstep, Gearbox VP Steve Gibson explained how the studio designed its story and mission system to cater to those who prefer the loan wolf experience.

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Bleucrunch3363d ago

I LOVED the first game and the second iteration will be no different...But I must admit I wish the story line was a bit stronger and more well thought out.

WildArmed3362d ago

"loan wolf experience"

loan wolf, i've heard of loan sharks before XD

But i LOVED Borderlands, and looking forward to borderlands 2. The co-op made the game for me XD

Story was weak, and sometimes i felt like it was dragging along. But lke i said before, the co-op really made the game for me. I don't think I could have played and loved the first game as much if i solo'd it.

SOD_Delta3362d ago

I tried playing alone. It was sooooo boring. It's funny how co-op can make a game enjoyable.

WildArmed3362d ago

Yeah, it's really fun how the classes work together. having a soldier supplying ammo kinda lets you have fun w/ weapons you normally wouldn't use because of ammo shortage.

TooTall193362d ago

I didn't think Borderlands needed a deep story. It jot the job done, and I thought the characters were great. This and Bioshock are my two favorite new IPs this gen.

madjedi3362d ago

Funny i spent many times the hrs in solo mode compared to online, sometimes the people online are too kill happy or do missions, i don't really care about. Also the sp mode is so much better for farming good weapons/gear.

If they can finally think of a way to filter out 85% of the garbage weapons, ie your using a lvl 25 ar @ lvl 40, because every ar you find is subpar compared to your current gun.

When your hunting fot a specific unique, hellfire/chimera ect, the randomness is a pain.

fOrlOnhOpe573362d ago

For me, Borderlands was always about the journey rather than the destination. Cant wait for Borderlands2 to drop. Currently enjoying Kingdoms of Amalur which has a great deal in common with Borderland - swords instead of guns.

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