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BioWare finally decided to listen to their fans and are adding additional scenes to the existing endings of Mass Effect 3. As someone who didn't like the current endings, it feels like this is like patch work rather than fixing the endings. It's like meeting us half way instead of actually fixing the problem. At least the DLC will be free. Many large gaming companies tend to just create games in a way that makes the most profit, but so far, BioWare at least listens to their fans.

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sikapwach3015d ago

All this just makes me feel like the game is rushed. I rather like the ending, but the fact that BioWare is admitting that they ending needs changed shows that they must not have been all that pleased with it. I've already had my ME3 experience and these extended cut endings are not going to change the experience. I mean how many people are going to replay the whole game again for a different ending cut scene.

JimmyJames703015d ago

I haven't even played the game yet and I can look forward to free dlc!