Wii-U Hardware Specs Explained

ReviewTechUSA takes a crack at debunking recent rumors suggesting that Nintendo's upcoming console is weaker than current generation hardware.

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slavish3016d ago

nice to see a more tech related comparison instead of a anonymous source saying the wii-u suck.

PopRocks3593016d ago

Really hope this gets approved. Detractors and fans alike need to see this video. Not even just to put the facts into their heads but more importantly to get them thinking.

guitarded773015d ago

I'm working on my bachelor's degree in computer science and that just went over my head, lol. Anyway, sounds smart to me... great video.

ATi_Elite3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

The WiiU has a HD4000 series GPU!

The HD4000 GPU is able to run AAA games at 30-60 frames per second in DX10 mode at 1080p with Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering!


(But Watch the video cause it's good.........I said WATCH IT!)

Shok3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

I know that dude, he usually knows what he's talking about. Great vid. It's sad that people actually have to come out and explain somethin so simple, but alas, the internet is full of imbeciles.

hennessey863016d ago

if its not atleast twice as powerful as the ps3 im not interested

zavierkai3016d ago

Nintendo will distroy curent gen and will be even in next gen consols. l dont no what kind of chages in graphics in next gen gamer are expecting.Play crisys 1 and 2 ,rage, skyrim, metro 33 on PC and your see next gen grafics.X box 720, PS4, next gen. Plese don't make me laugh. I almost forgot were are the haters now. You can see next gen graphic in a 4 year old graphic card.

PopRocks3593016d ago

Rumors have suggested that the raw power of the Wii U is significantly stronger than previous consoles. Others have suggested it is on par or someone in between. This video proves that no matter what, the Wii U will indeed be able to do more than current HD hardware.

Other rumors have suggested that the PS4 and Nextbox will not be as large a graphical leap as the PS2/PS3 and Xbox/360 were. If this is true, then I largely doubt the concept of Nintendo being behind graphically this generation.

Ck1x3016d ago

I know this posting won't get many hits or comments but this guy deserves a standing ovation. It gets very tiresome arguing with people that know next to nothing about technology and don't want to except facts as fact! his very breakdown of each system really puts into perspective, just how more advanced in processing that the wiiu will be over both the 360 &ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.