Kinect Star Wars dancing mode – why we’re totally, completely cool with it

GamesRadar writes: "A few days ago, video from Kinect Star Wars leaked onto the web, showing a grinning Han Solo dancing to a song aptly titled “I’m Han Solo.” It was embarrassing. It was horrific. The music was incredibly tacky, the Han Solo character model’s moves made us uncomfortable, and the entire thing felt like an April Fool’s joke. But it wasn’t. It was real. And though at first, we were weirdly insulted by this inclusion, we’ve actually completely reversed our opinion on the matter. "

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Soldierone3017d ago

No....just no....this game is an insult to Star Wars fans, it isn't a game for them lol.....It's basically saying "Hey look you should buy this dance game just because it says star wars on it! It sucks, but we know you can't resist"

memots3017d ago

Again an article defending this game. Give goty already.

TheGreenMan3017d ago

Haha - that's what I was thinking! These websites give the game a mediocre score then start backtracking. This is at least the third article I've seen in the last 2 days saying things like "reviews scores don't accurately represent the game." I wish these websites would make up their mind - is the game really mediocre or was it just mediocre until Microsoft called and said to stop bashing it?

Fylus3017d ago

What has this world come to...?

Soldierone3017d ago

Even worse, I just came back from Wal-Mart and this game was nearly sold out....Saw like 3 or 4 copies on the shelf, they had an entire row dedicated to it.

Meanwhile Mass Effect 3 was nearly full, and Resident Evil wasn't touched at all.

Fylus3017d ago

This is a pretty depressing time, I must say. I miss the days of hardcore RPG's. Luckily FromSoftware is fulfilling that empty space these days, but it would be nice to see other developers dedicated to the genre.

DigitalRaptor3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

F**k this. I thought the general public weren't all that stupid, but this has proven me completely wrong. Man, these people are most likely the same kids and teens who watch GLEE, and listen to chart pop and Justin Bieber. In other words, the most dumbed down forms of entertainment specifically manufactured for the mainstream.

I hope not too many true Star Wars fans have bought this, cause they are going to regret the moment they thought it was a good idea. See Microsoft? See how you've betrayed a franchise and its fans?

Jake_the_Dog3017d ago

I'd laugh if they release Star Trek Kinect after this and you get your groove on with Spock.

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