Underrated Games That Need A Comeback

Ten games that may have flew under your radar that need some refreshing, HD remakes, or just a new sequel. These titles are hidden gems that you may find at the bottom of the bargain bin or never had a chance to take the spotlight.

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Duoma3399d ago

I definitelt agree with zone of the enders and legend of dragoon

SYNTAXeRror3399d ago

i dont remember there ever being boos fights in zone of the of dragoon was great..sequel or prequel would be amazing, although it would have to been in development already if we where to see it in the near future...since a game like that could easily soak up 3 years in dev...

Cennus3399d ago

Tempest, Neith, Nebula, Tyrant, and Anubis were bosses in Zone of the Enders.

MagicAccent3399d ago

Bounty Hunter... Hell yes!

They should release it on PSN, at least

mynameisEvil3399d ago

The prequel trilogy might have blown, but at least Bounty Hunter was good. I'd really like to see a re-release on PSN or packaged with a HD collection of some Star Wars games or something. That game's too awesome to leave forgotten forever.


Its not an underated game but Legend of Dragoon needs a come back something fierce.

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