CES: Philips Intros $349 Blu-ray Player

Philips has announced its latest Blu-ray player, the BDP7200, which it says will retail for the value price of $349.

The first Profile 1.1 compliant player from Philips, the deck boasts full 1080p/24 and Deep Color support, and the ability to control connected devices using the EasyLink HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) protocols.

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LightningPS34034d ago

more people will start getting into blu ray.

lockload4034d ago

But not a mainstream price

Good spec though..

Heaven_Or_Hell4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Now that the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray is over, Sony will go against others Blu-Ray manufacturer... ^^
Cuz, $349 it's a good price, but for more 50$ you will have a good Blu-Ray player, a videogame console, web browsing, etc, etc...

Darkiewonder4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Said that Sony showcased 2 BD-LivE players.

IT wasn't at the conference but it was there.

Also, Ps3 will get a Firmware update to support BD-Live in the near future!


The more the player, the cheaper it'll get!

bootsielon4034d ago

No WiFi and no PS2 BC, but with 65nm RSX and Cell. They should price it at $299 to bring the rest of the players below that.

ITR4034d ago

But that would only cater to a very niche group.
To sell to the masses you need a price that will sell to the masses.
And $300 bucks or higher doesn't work.
I'd be scared to buy a Philips BD player. We sell their tv's and we get them back on a daily basis.

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