PS Uni - Ditching Netflix: Amazon Instant Video Comes to PS3 [Review]

PS Uni writes: "Sony dropped a pleasant bombshell on the PlayStation community by releasing an app for playing Amazon Instant Video on PS3 yesterday. There’s no shortage of video apps available for Sony’s console, so some may be confused by another option. Let’s clear that up."

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Ilovetheps42390d ago

I like the content on Amazon's service more than the Netflix streaming. It has better content available. Netflix's streaming service doesn't have many good movies or shows available. It's mostly older stuff that isn't too popular. Amazon Instant Video has fairly decent content available for streaming though.

Dante1122390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Yeah, when Netflix first came out on the PS3, it had hundreds of movies to choose from, in different categories including foreign films/foreign horror films. Second update, that listing got removed and remodel to just show 75 movies for each genre (You had to search for movie that you wanted to see instead of browse through to find). After Netflix announced the price hike, the list of movies got lowered more.

Amazon Streaming service been pretty good so far as movie options and availability.

Thatguy-3102390d ago

i find the streaming movies on netflix a lot better

dragonopt12390d ago

Yeah, I had Netflix and dropped it for Hulu Plus since it has better TV shows on it. Have to give Amazon a try and see how it is compared to Hulu now.

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