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GameZone writes, "Closure was a great game back in its day, and three years later, it makes a remarkable debut on the PSN, not missing a beat in its action or engaging design. The price is a little steep, but to those who appreciate the kind of platformer that makes you think, it’s definitely worthy of being in the spotlight."

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portugamer2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Since a while, now, specially these last months, I come here and see many new reviewed games, that I didn't even know, and most of them get 8's and 9's.

I'm going crazy, with all those games. And the worst, I can't keep a track of them, since there are too many(not a critic, but a good thing, actually), and I know I will miss some great games.

If only I could check a box, for a particular game, and mark it as ' to be checked later', so I don't miss any gem.

With the ps4 and x720, many new studios will want to get into the wagon, and release some games, too. I don't know when, but when these consoles are released, between the current 1st and 3rd party, all the Indies, the newcomers, etc etc, we could get some insane lineups, like 30-40 titles for each console, and during 1 year or more, we could have a crazy sustained rythme, where we could be getting like 2-3 AAA titles, + 10 - 20 new other games, EVERY month.

Our wallets are going to suffer, for sure, but that's nothing, compared to the joy and happiness, when playing those games.

If the ps4 lineup had like 40 games, and you could only pick 1, what would you guys choose? I , personally, if available, I would pick god of war 5.

I try hard to not imagine, but a god of war game on a brand new ps4... It could be an unforgettable experience,like god of war 3 was. Ahh, those first minutes with Gaia..ahh. it was words to describe.

Sorry for my long posts, guys :)
For those who dared reading some of the many long posts I could make,on n4g, well I have this passion for games, inside me, in particular, for the ps3(but not exclusively), that I offen find myself splitting my comment in 2 or 3 pieces.when I just wanted to write a couple of lines, or answer to a question, many things come out of my head, and I really have fun writting them, here. It's just that passion, that I like to share.

Once again, sorry for my big posts, I sometimes make. moderators, dont take me for a crazy or idiot, please, because I'm here, talking and posting this big comment, on a zero degrees news :)

As I said a few days ago, english isn't my native language, actually, its my 4th its normal if I make mistakes, on grammar, syntax,verbs,etc.
I'm very proud and happy of being able to comment here, on this American forum, and share my passion and ideas with other guys, YOU, who are reading right now.

Thank you.

SockeyBoy2484d ago

hmm so english is your 4th language you say...whats a syntax :/

portugamer2484d ago

I already got a disagree. Someone here don't like foreigners, I think :)

lifesanrpg2484d ago

@portugamer already a disagree? Welcome to N4G