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Aaron Ploof from Digibytes gives his feelings on Closure. He rates it highly, but claims that the confusing story may upset players.

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LOGICWINS2139d ago

I'm so happy I have PS Plus. If not, I would have missed this gem. Incredible game. I think I'm about a third done with it. I've repeated some puzzles over 20 times, but never to the point where I feel frustrated enough to quit.

As far as the narrative, its purposely vague so that you can develop your own interpretation of what it means. Still, I think everyone can agree that the mood is gloomy/depressing. I think the constant questioning of what the game means is what will make the game memorable for many years to come.

AaronBaron2134d ago

Agreed! I like narratives that are purposely vauge; alhtough I don't think that's how most people are.