Review: Amazon Instant Video on PS3 Could Be a Netflix-Killer

"I can’t speak for you, but I will speak for myself: While I’ve had access to Amazon Instant Video through my laptop since it launched, the browser interface (I use Safari) never really grabbed me. But I’m impressed enough with the PS3′s take at this point that I’m thinking seriously about ditching my Netflix subscription altogether."

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LOGICWINS2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

"But I’m impressed enough with the PS3′s take at this point that I’m thinking seriously about ditching my Netflix subscription altogether."

WOW..that good. Might consider it then.

EDIT: What?! Amazon Prime has Justified!? Yup, switching :D

joeyisback2387d ago

also free 2 day shipping on most items with amazon prime

jeseth2387d ago

Amazon Prime is awesome. Already have it. 2 day shipping on just about Everything! Its awesome.

Have Netflix right now on my PS3 but I'm def. getting rid of it before the next month is up. Netflix looks like they have a ton of stuff but most of it is crap and/or stuff that you can either watch On Demand on cable. A lot of the shows they have don't have complete seasons and there isn't much current stuff.
Also sick of the piss poor movies they put out as "New Releases". Netflix disc based is great, but the streaming is a bit over rated.

Amazon may not have as much now for PS3 but I'm willing to bet their library will grow faster and have more stuff that is current.

Netflix almost lost me when they hiked their prices almost 50%, now that Amazon Prime will stream to my PS3 ... cya Netflix.

dericb112387d ago

Won't Agree or Disagree with you but after looking at the amount of content they have for streaming there is no reason to drop Netflix. They don't even offer half the Netflix line-up.

LOGICWINS2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

The only reason I would consider keeping Netflix is for the foreign films that you can't seem to find anywhere else(Indian chx in Bollywood movies are HOT! LOL).

Like joeyisback said, Amazon Prime gets you free 2 day shipping on most items and its cheaper per year than Netflix by like $16. Also, while Netflix has more content, most of it is REALLY old stuff or things that I don't care about.

Bobby Kotex2387d ago

Amazon Prime was already worth it. I've been using it for years. If you buy more than a few things a year on Amazon you should definitely get it.

maniacmayhem2387d ago

I do enjoy the Netflix stream for only 8 bux. Everything else I just use torrents.

xJumpManx2387d ago

Is amazon prime still like 80 bucks a year still?

Ray1862386d ago

Yep. Cheaper than Netflix though.

Veni Vidi Vici2387d ago

Sorry, Amazon Instant Vid charges too much to rent a video. Most places do. $3 or more to rent a movie? I can get them MUCH cheaper at Redbox. $2 for one TV show episode? I can watch them for free on Hulu or the network's website.

I'll pass.

Tai_Kaliso2387d ago

Amazon Prime is quite expensive and for something to be a "Netflix killer" it'd have to offer all the same titles that Netflix were to offer and be available on all the same platforms.

I highly doubt this will kill Netflix, not sure why everyone wants something to kill something else these days...

brettyd2387d ago

Prime isn't just for the video service. Free 2 day shipping is nice if you buy a lot of stuff on amazon like i do. My prime membership was only $39.99 because im a student so it's an awesome deal.

firelogic2387d ago

Amazon prime already existed before instant stream. the free vids is a BONUS.

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