Asura’s Wrath Receives Second DLC

Following last week’s downloadable content (DLC) debut for Asura’s Wrath, a second release is available from today. Last week’s DLC offered a new side-story staged between two of the original on-disc episodes, and this second pack does the same.

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Prcko2478d ago

bring more dlc's,10 if you want but sales are bad!

Simon_Brezhnev2478d ago

Yeah i was plan on getting it but naw i'll get it used even though i like CyberConnect2.

Grimhammer002478d ago

So a game that is 70/20 cinematics/gameplay has sidestories. How much gameplay are in these sidestories?

I want to get this game....but you'd be mad to buy new. Used or wait for ultimate edition with all dlc included.

tigertron2478d ago

I bet this is on the disc. Stay classy Capcom.