.hack//Versus Has Online Combat

This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise given CyberConnect2's work on the Naruto fighting games, but Famitsu reveals this week that .hack//Versus will have online combat.

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Myst2387d ago

Why did no one tell me there was a .hack coming up!? Ah wait after seeing nevermind. I thought it would be something akin to the show/manga or the PS2 Games. Essentially making your own character from the classes; this surely would make such an mmo basically making a mmo from a mmo. Though Cyberconnect is usually good with stuff so kind of curious about this.

Godmars2902387d ago

You know this is a fighting game that's going to come with the new .hack movie right?

Myst2387d ago

Yeah I know the last sentence is basically me saying that "Well .hack is good with these anime fighting games so I'm curious."

Lord_Sloth2387d ago

Cyber Connect's making a fighting game....I might have to look into this...

Also, it's interesting that this will be the 1st game about an online game that will have any online. XXXD

Hicken2387d ago

Remember, they also do the Naruto games.

I always wanted an online .hack. This is exactly how I'd have imagined it, but I'll still put Black Rose against Mimiru.

Lord_Sloth2387d ago

Indeed. I am a fan of the Ninja Storm titles. XXXD

Hope it's a full fledged title.

r212387d ago

actually true, hahaha, .hack stories revolve around an online world but it never actually had any online components. cant wait for this new .hack game :D

KeiKei2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

heres a suggestion if you didn't know there was a new .//hack game. read other sites other then this one. n4g isn't the only place for news.

Myst2387d ago

Okay..? What if people don't even know to read or search for a new .hack? In my case it has been years since I read or saw .hack the last I remember was back in the PS2 days. I thought they were done with it which is why I was surprised. Plus not long I come here that often at least not as much as I used to anyway.

KeiKei2386d ago

it doesn't take a genius to use google.

Myst2386d ago

That's not what I'm getting at and you probably know. For those of us that don't follow anime or manga as much as we used to how would we know to Google? Would that not put them in a difficult spot of searching for something to which they would have no way of knowing? .Hack was years ago (at least the main one that I and perhaps others know about) After that we thought it was done. Therefore we thought not to even look back to it. So therein that shows that I personally would have had not known about a new .hack game or a new .hack anime. It's best not to think that everyone follows every detail of game releases, anime or even manga releases for the most part.

KeiKei2385d ago

who says i follow anime or manga? why are you making this so complicated? yeah.. no one follows "every game detail" thats why google exists. you make it seem like its difficult to search the web. 1 minute and you have your answer and even more info. old games... and you think no one gets curious if there is a new one coming out? of course people get curious.. and why they google. if this is some poor excuse cause you don't know how to google, then i am sorry and you just have to learn how to explore the web. i will not reply here anymore.

Myst2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

You don't get what I'm saying do you? How can you GOOGLE something to which you don't know anything about (That is before coming to realize that something [aka this .hack] is coming out) Makes no sense sure I can google AFTER I have heard about it but before? No Google exists to get more information on something if you have no knowledge of it PERIOD how am I going to find out more information? I'm not making it complicated it's standard for everyone.

"old games... and you think no one gets curious if there is a new one coming out? of course people get curious.. and why they google."

-Yes if they are curious of which I wasn't therefore my surprise and not knowing one was coming out. Exploring the web is not the problem it's more along the lines of not knowing I'm not sure how many times I've said this but we don't come in possession of knowledge without some type of insight on it in the first place.

Example. If you didn't know about CERN and I came in and wrote something about it. Would you have been able to search for it not knowing anything about it until then? This is what I was saying/getting at.

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