IGN - Sony: Tell Us What You Want on PS3

IGN - Right after the official announcement concerning Amazon Instant Video coming to PS3, IGN had the chance to speak one-on-one with Sony's Senior Director of PlayStation Digital Platforms, Jack Buser. In our conversation, Mr. Buser spoke a great deal about the new initiative Amazon and Sony have launched on PlayStation 3, but also said it's up the PlayStation audience to continue to tell Sony what they want next.

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Dante1122388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Dang, Sony has been really been putting a good effort in bettering their gaming division as of lately.

Edit: @ Snookies

I have Amazon Prime. Use to mainly use it for Kindle in the past (books and comics). I just checked out the Instant Streaming Amazon app for the Ps3. It's pretty cool, the movies and shows streamed without any jumps. The picture is pretty clear as well.

Snookies122388d ago

Yes they have! It's been really great... I'd love to see some more apps for Vita soon, that's about all I could really ask of Sony at this point. They've made me perfectly happy lately. ^^

While I don't have Amazon Prime, it's awesome to see those people getting something cool like this for PS3.

Yi-Long2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

I don't want 'Always Online restrictions', I don't want 'DRM', I don't want Online Passes, I don't want to buy incomplete games where you buy the rest of the content later, I don't DLC-milking, I don't want MOVE motion-control, I don't want huge 1+ GB 'patches', etc etc.

I just want to buy a 50 bucks game, that's complete, put it in my machine, start it up, and PLAY.

That's it. Nothing more.

SilentNegotiator2387d ago

I want new IPs. I've played enough shooters and sequels; make some interesting new games that don't follow convention. Something more involved than Journey, as nice of a little game as it was.

morkendo232387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Amazon and Sony have launched on PlayStation 3, but also said it's up the PlayStation audience to continue to tell Sony what they want next.

R THEY SERIOUS?? playstation audience to determine what we want from SONY??. if thats the case get rid of FPS games (im drain of those games) and add more up-graded HD ps1, ps2 variety games.
no more milking us with DLC crap this COW is soooo fkin tired of FPS games cant moo anymore lol, make COMPLETE games. make PLAYSTATION fun again.

b163o12387d ago

If Sony inks a deal with Sky Sports, that imo would be a great service. To be about to watch a entire season of the EPL on my PS3 would grant me one of my biggest wishes. Guess I'll just have to keep a ear out for it....

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Ranma12387d ago

This is why i love ps3 and dont like xbox.

because the company that made xbox doesnt care about hardcore gamers no more

Thatguy-3102387d ago

Ps3 gamers through out the past years have expressed what they want. Nothing has changed !!! I want Skype, being able to play music while I game, better browser, new and improved xmb etc. Something tells me that they are waiting to unleash all what gamers want next gen.

FACTUAL evidence2387d ago

I kinda shook my head when I read this....I like Sony, but seriously,I don't even listen to sony soon as they ask us what we want....We've had requested features for years on their official blog. They should really start reading it more often then....also respond to stuff that's possible/impossible so people don't get stuck wondering.

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DigitalRaptor2388d ago

The Last Guardian!

That is all.

humbleopinion2388d ago

And Agent. It was promised years ago already.

jony_dols2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

If they ever release a new Medievil game, then I'll die happy!

They own the IP, both Medievil 1 & 2 went Platinum on the PS One, whilst Medievil Resurrection went onto become a PSP Essentials title and that was before it became digitally available on PSN.

Come on Sony I've been waiting over 10 years for a sequel!

CarlitoBrigante2388d ago

Give me supercomputer PS4 with:

Alien technology called Cell processor with 24 cores
4K resolution
[email protected]

And hopefully be able to time travel in the near future via a firmware update.

limewax2388d ago

Maybe we could use it to time travel back to the PS1 days....Ahh the good times. SO many games, so little time

sikbeta2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

For only Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine US Dollars and you'll need 3 jobs to pay it this time lol

Seriusly, better go moderate and affordable than go nuts to only lose marketplace, PS2 wasn't a powerhouse and still is the best console out there with the biggest library of games and the best thing, the variety of genres is top notch, unlike this gen filled with kids crappy games or dudebros mindless shooters XP

bobrea2388d ago

HBO Go would be pretty cool.

Krugsy2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I second that, HBO Go would be awesome. Love most of their content.

Godmars2902387d ago

Its probably only a timed exclusive on the 360. Like Netflix was.

dboyman2388d ago

Maybe some customized services for Canadian PS3 owners....

SephirothX212387d ago

I agree. Canadians are people too.

SilverBullet1292387d ago

Samehere, I hate it how with BOTH the 360 and PS3 we get less than the states when it comes to updates.

We had to wait FOREVER just to get Netflix streaming service started. after that it was the Playstation Video store.

I do wish Playstation Plus had some perks going toward the video store, since then I would make better use of it (both on my Vita and PS3).

Other features I want include more PS2 games with Trophy support (KH1 and 2 mainly), PS1 and 2 support for the Vita, Remote play update for the Vita and that's all I can think of for now:)

Burning_Finger2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )


ALL PS3 Games.

badz1492388d ago

been waiting for it since the PSP time!

milohighclub2388d ago

Yeah me 2, Wish id of researched a bit before buying my vita, only wanted it to play uncharted 3 whilst on hols.

Only had it a few week and I don't use it already.